Australian Federal Police


Forensics – Canberra Office

Accreditation No.


Site No.


Date of Accreditation

14 Jan 1997


Forensic Facility, 1 Tambreet Street
Majura, ACT 2609



Services conditionally available to external clients



Scope of Accreditation

Forensics – Canberra Office

ISO/IEC 17025 (2017)

  • This facility complies with the requirements of AS 5388.1 Forensic analysis Part 1: Recognition, recording, recovery, transport and storage of material (except section 6 Occupational health and safety which is not assessed).
  • This facility complies with the requirements of AS 5388.2 Forensic analysis Part 2: Analysis and examination of material.
  • This facility complies with the requirements of AS 5388.3 Forensic analysis Part 3: Interpretation.
  • This facility complies with the requirements of AS 5388.4 Forensic analysis Part 4: Reporting.


Service Product Determinant
Crime scene investigations Major crime scene; Non-crime related incidents (including suicides and natural disasters); Volume crime scene Assessment and control; Ballistics examination; Basic chemical fingerprint development; Bloodstain pattern analysis (BPA); Confirmatory testing for blood; Determination of the nature and extent of the scene; Event reconstruction; Examination and interpretation of the scene; Exhibit collection; Explosion examination; Fingerprint development (dusting/powders); Fire and explosion examination; Fire examinations; Physical fit comparisons; Presumptive screening analysis; Recording and imagery; Shoe impressions; Tyre impressions
Electronic evidence - Data analysis Electronic devices Data interpretation; Data presentation; Examination of acquired data
Electronic evidence - Data preservation Electronic devices Identification of digital storage devices; Preservation of devices (including removable hard drives etc.); Preservation of live digital storage devices; Preservation of static digital storage
Examination of documents Documents; Other items that may bear writing or handwritten marks; Printing devices and their accessories; Typewriting devices and their accessories; Writing implements Alterations; Authentication; Charred documents; Counterfeit document examination; Examination of security features; General physical examination; Indentations and impressions; Ink comparisons and enhancements; Paper examination; Printing process and devices; Reconstruction of torn and/or shredded documents; Signature and handwriting examination; Stamp examination; Substrate examinations
Examination of fingerprints Fingerprints Identification
Examination of firearms, ammunition and weapons Ammunition; Ballistics; Firearms Certification; Chemical analysis of discharged residues; Classification; Examination and identification; Firearm safety testing; Range determination; Serial number recovery; Shooting scene investigation; Trajectory reconstruction
Chemical analysis of discharged residues
Ballistics Range determination; Trajectory reconstruction; Wound examination
Examination of tool marks Any item received Comparison of impressed marks; Comparison of striated marks
Forensic biology - Examination of biological material Any item received Bloodstain pattern analysis (BPA)
Collection, location and identification of biological material; Confirmatory testing for blood; Confirmatory testing for saliva; Confirmatory testing for semen; Presumptive screening for blood; Presumptive screening for saliva; Presumptive screening for semen; Presumptive testing for urine
Hair Examination of hair; Morphological comparison of hair
Forensic chemistry/criminalistics Any item received Explosives; Firearm residue examination; Fires and explosion investigations; Flammable liquids; Gunshot residues; Presumptive testing for hazardous materials (including chemical warfare agents); Propellants; Vegetable oils; Vehicle fluids
Screening, interpretation and reporting of textile damage
Paint; Polymer analysis; Tape; Textile fibre examination
Chemical irritants; Chemical warfare agents; General chemical analysis; General physical examination; Miscellaneous comparisons; Unknown substance identification
Glass and other mineralogical material examination
Genetic analysis Biological material DNA profiling for criminal case work - Direct comparison; DNA profiling for criminal case work - Familial comparison; DNA profiling for criminal case work - Phenotype, gender and biogeographical ancestry prediction; DNA profiling for criminal case work - Probabilistic genotyping; DNA profiling for relationship testing; DNA testing for identification purposes
Signal processing - Audio processing Electronic devices Audio direct copying; Audio enhancement; Audio media repair
Signal processing - Video (image) processing Electronic devices Image enhancement; Video (image) direct copying; Video media repair

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