PPK Mining Equipment Pty Ltd


PPK Port Kembla

Accreditation No.


Site No.


Date of Accreditation

17 Mar 2015


Lot 1 / 201 Old Port Road
Port Kembla, NSW 2505




Type C Inspection Body

Scope of Accreditation

PPK Port Kembla

ISO/IEC 17020 (2012)

Manufactured Goods

Service Product Determinant Procedure Limitations
Diesel engines for use in hazardous atmospheres - Overhaul and maintenance inspection Adaptor pipes; Diesel engine systems as listed in limitations; Engine control unit; Engine head; Hydraulic/pneumatic safety shutdown systems; Manifolds; Mechanical fuel pumps and injectors; Positive exhaust flame traps; Water based exhaust flame traps Assessment of engine/vehicle interfaces including control, monitoring, cooling, intake and exhaust systems; Checks on associated electrical systems; Checks on software version; Dismantling and inspection of engine systems; Engine disassembly and inspection of engine components; Exhaust gas and particulate measurement; Final system tests; Hydrostatic testing; Maintenance inspection; Repairs involving hydraulic/pneumatic component repairs/overhauls; Repairs involving machining and fitting repairs; Repairs involving thread repairs; Repairs involving welding and fabrication repairs; Verification of sensor performance AS/NZS 3584.3 with reference as required to AS/NZS 3584.2 and AS/NZS 3584.1

Limited to the following ExDES:
MDR 076980 DES; MDR 084131 DES; MDR 088315 DES; MDR 088335 DES; MDR 089003 DES; MDR 090376 DES; MDR 140985 DES, MDR 150342 DES
The Code D are performed at the workshop, remotely from the workshop and at mine sites.

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