Ross Brown Sales Pty Limited – 40-years of continuous accreditation

Member News February 5, 2024
NATA team

On this remarkable milestone, we spoke to Ross Brown Sales on their journey with their business and with NATA, 

Q:  How did you come to be accredited with NATA and in what area? 

We have been supplying pressure gauges to the Australian marketplace since 1957. In the early 1980’s we identified a need to provide our customers with even more confidence that the products they were purchasing from us did meet their requirements and that our process of certification was traceable to a well-recognised and highly respected Australian accreditation organisation.  

We commenced the accreditation process with NATA and 40-years ago gained our first Pressure accreditation. We currently operate and maintain a NATA accredited laboratory in accordance with ISO/IEC 17025 and our Scope of Accreditation (Accreditation No. 1808). Our laboratory has the capacity to calibrate pressure and vacuum measuring devices to AS 1349 and MSA Test Methods 1 and 2 in the ranges of -95 kPa to 0 and 20 kPa to 100 MPa. The bulk of our certifications are for Digital pressure gauges, Manometers, Mechanical pressure gauges, Pressure transducers, Vacuum gauges, (Gauge Pressure) and Pressure calibrators. 

Our laboratory, headed up by our highly dedicated and experienced Quality Manager is manned by a wonderful team of committed personnel who all take pride in their work. 

Q: Have you kept the same accreditation or extended into other areas? 

A: Over the years we have fine-tuned our accreditation to include vacuum and extended our range of accreditation to 100MPa. 

Q:  Has NATA accreditation contributed to your, your clients and industry success? 

A:  Yes. Confidence in the accuracy of pressure indicating and measuring devices is paramount. When dealing with very low and extremely high pressures, our clients need to know that what they are seeing on their gauges is indicative of the real operating scenario. Our clients and customers know that when they receive a certified gauge from our laboratory that they can rely on it. 

Q: What advice would you offer to someone seeking accreditation? 

A: Go the extra mile and secure accreditation – it will add a complementary service to your business that will be appreciated by your clients. 

We thank Ross Brown Sales for their time and wish them every success for the next 40-years.