Celebrating 40 Years of NATA accreditation & ensuring safe, high-quality packaging 

Member News August 7, 2023
Celebrating 40 Years of NATA accreditation & ensuring safe, high-quality packaging 
NATA team

NATA accreditation has helped Morris McMahon maintain long-term industry credibility and technical competence in the field of mechanical testing.  

Morris McMahon produces a wide range of steel packaging products including drums, cans, and closures and supply these to customers across Australia, New Zealand and other international locations. Their packaging solutions provide for the safe transportation of goods across many industries.  

Since being granted NATA accreditation in June 1983, and to meet the requirements of the Australian Code for the Transport of Dangerous Goods by Road & Rail (ADG Code), Morris McMahon design and test their packaging products in accordance with their ISO/IEC 17025 NATA accreditation as well as the criteria set out in the ADG Code. 

Accreditation to the ISO/IEC 17025 Standard has also helped Morris McMahon with validity and traceability in the production testing of all products, giving their customers confidence in their packaging. 

Over the past four decades, and through the rigor of NATA accreditation, Morris McMahon has achieved a total of 286 dangerous goods approvals for its packaging products across industries from food oils, agriculture, chemicals, paints/coatings to adhesives, construction, petroleum, and pharmaceuticals. 

As a valued NATA Member and through our collaborative relationship, they have been at the leading edge of technological advancements and industry best practice. 

Recently, NATA CEO, Jennifer Evans, presented Morris McMahon with a certificate to commemorate their 40 years of accreditation. This recognition highlights the company’s commitment to excellence and continuous improvement.