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Member News April 9, 2024
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Member Milestones – April 2024

New Members – March 2024

Facility NoFacility NameFacility Initial Operative DateStandardActivity
21271Westgate Labs Pty Limited1/Mar/2024ISO/IEC 17025Agribusiness; Environment
18706Scotia Inspection Consultants8/Mar/2024ISO/IEC 17020Infrastructure and Asset Integrity
18706Scotia Inspection Consultants8/Mar/2024ISO/IEC 17025Infrastructure and Asset Integrity
1757Mine Safety Technical Services12/Mar/2024ISO/IEC 17025Calibration; Environment
1757Mine Safety Technical Services12/Mar/2024ISO/IEC 17020Manufactured Goods
21304Rus Mining Services Pty. Ltd.13/Mar/2024ISO/IEC 17020Manufactured Goods
21342Validated Construction Materials18/Mar/2024ISO/IEC 17025Infrastructure and Asset Integrity
21327WIKA Australia Pty Ltd25/Mar/2024ISO/IEC 17025Calibration