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Member News December 11, 2023
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Member Milestones – December 2023

New Members – November 2023

Facility NoFacility NameFacility Initial Operative DateStandardActivity
21083Applus Pty Ltd1/11/2023ISO/IEC 17025Infrastructure and Asset Integrity
21283Limitless Asset Assurance Pty Ltd3/11/2023ISO/IEC 17025Infrastructure and Asset Integrity
21214Concept Window Testing (CWT)14/11/2023ISO/IEC 17025Manufactured Goods
21276Norman McMahon Patches Pty Ltd Trading as Patches Asphalt16/11/2023ISO/IEC 17020Infrastructure and Asset Integrity
21326South Coast Heart Rhythm20/11/2023DIASDiagnostic Imaging
21328Dr Fred Nasser20/11/2023DIASDiagnostic Imaging
20886WA Sleep Pty Ltd21/11/2023SleepSleep Disorders Services
21314Geotesta Pty Ltd22/11/2023ISO/IEC 17025Infrastructure and Asset Integrity
20436Macquarie Geotechnical Pty Limited23/11/2023ISO/IEC 17025Infrastructure and Asset Integrity
21227Southern Gold Coast Laboratories23/11/2023ISO/IEC 17025Materials
21329Kiama Diagnostic Imaging27/11/2023DIASDiagnostic Imaging