NATA holds the 28th ‘Chairs of Accreditation Advisory Committees’ (CAAC) meeting 

Member News December 7, 2023
NATA team

What is an AAC? 

NATA’s accreditation programs are supported by Accreditation Advisory Committees (AACs) that ultimately benefit our Members by providing technical advice and administrative support to help improve the operation of our various accreditation programs.  

Each AAC consists of a group of experts appointed by the Board and the size and membership of each AAC is dependent on the needs of the area of accreditation.  

What is a CAAC? 

A combined ‘Chairs of Accreditation Advisory Committees’ (CAAC) meeting is held annually.  

These are the nominated Chairs of each AAC. 

The broad aims of the CAAC meeting include: 

  • Discussion of issues that are common across the accreditation programs 
  • The Chairs provide a report on key issues relevant to the activities applicable to their AAC 
  • The Chairs exchanging views and ideas 
  • The Chairs provide their input, as necessary, into NATA policies 
  • The Chairs are briefed on NATA key initiatives and developments. 

The 28th meeting of CAAC was held on Wednesday 29th November 2023 at the NATA Melbourne office. 

In addition to the general areas above, a large focus of this year’s meeting was on Artificial Intelligence (AI). 

As AI continues to capture the spotlight in various industries, NATA believes it’s crucial to stay ahead of developments.  To do this, it is imperative that our workforce is equipped with the right skills and knowledge to adopt the technology across industries and for NATA to consider adjustments, if necessary, to its assessment processes including the skill sets of technical assessors and committee members. 

The 28th CAAC meeting consisted of a workshop on ‘Pioneering Accreditation in the Age of Artificial Intelligence’.  The objective of this workshop was to highlight and emphasise the growing significance of AI across various industries, its impact on NATA’s accreditation services and to bring focus to the role accreditation plays and the increased relevance of accreditation with the introduction of AI.